5 Reasons Why We Sold Our House to Full-Time RV

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

If you had a chance to live well below your means, and see all the amazing sites this country has to offer with no financial pressure...would you do it?

Both Melissa and I love to travel. I travel for work and have been all over the Country multiple times over. The only thing missing while traveling is family time. Also...there's nothing I dislike more than to see something interesting, call Melissa to tell her all about it, only to talk to an exhausted wife holding down the chaotic fort in the background. We're both on such different schedules when I'm gone, so we don't talk much when I'm on the road. It makes for extreme loneliness for both of us.

For those of you who think we're absolutely crazy for selling our home, and most of our stuff, to live in a RV, here are our top 5 reasons why we're doing it.

Reason Number 1: Time

We want our time back! We are very fortunate to be able to have Melissa stay home with the kids from birth to now 4 and 6. It would be more expensive to send them to daycare plus they are advancing academically because Melissa is so hands on. Regardless of weather she has a 9-5 outside of the home, or her full time job parenting in the home, its all part of the exhausting rat race, that leaves us both emotionally spent.

Our relationship became a business. She is the Director of Homeland Operations and Child Development and I am the Currency Development Manager.

There is no real friction as long as we do our jobs well. We got caught in the modern race. We have to trade most of our time to pay for stuff with very little wiggle room. The slightest hiccup feels like the end of the world. And for what? To keep up appearances? To look like we have our crap together?

Honestly who cares what the outside looks like when you're struggling to find the time to enjoy it.

Does it seem so odd to want to live within your means? Meaning, your total bills could be easily covered with one half of one paycheck. Could you image? What would no financial stress feel like?

Reason Number 2: Adventure

Why do we have to wait until we retire to live? If I'm traveling for work anyway, why not have my cake and eat it too? I'm very fortunate to have an amazing job at PreSonus where it actually works better for me to be on the road all the time.

It seems like we've all been told the same line....Work until the government (maybe) allows you to get back the money you've invested in social security or you cash in your 401k. By then you're in your late 60's, if you're lucky. Most of your life has been about work. How is work going? Who's driving you nuts there? What's for dinner? I'm exaggerating a bit, but honestly ask yourself what the majority of your life is based on. Mine is working. I still love to work but I don't want the rewards of my job to just pay the bills anymore. I want to be able to spend time with family and grow as a unit, take my job, and excel my life experiences with it.

We want to spend money on memories, not stuff. Memories last a lifetime and they only get more precious as time goes on.

Reason Number 3: Stronger Relationship

Whenever Melissa and I have an argument, we have the luxury of moving into different parts of the house. We can move about freely without disturbing each other. We could actually easily live two separate lives in our current house. It's dangerous and unhealthy. I personally get stressed out missing everything because I'm gone and when I'm home it's very brief. Melissa gets stressed out because there isn't enough hours in the day to tackle all the chores in our 2,700 sq. ft. house, inside and out. It's the definition of crazy, a pattern of toxicity that never gets caught up and feelings of resentment start to take over.

It's easier to knock down a wall before the mortar dries.

Living in an RV will force us to work together as a team and resolve our issues faster. In general, Melissa and I have a great relationship. We're more best friends than anything so we feel living in smaller square footage will just bring us closer.

Reason Number 4: Better Education for the Kids

Homeschooling has been on Melissa's mind since the day our oldest was born. Finding alternative schooling to fit both kid's personalities is what caught her eye the most. Regardless, she put the girls in public school. Now currently we have a first grader and a preschooler. They did great, but she felt there should be more. A more personal curriculum that fits each girl to their own interests. Then in January of this year, we got news our oldest daughters school was going to close permanently at the end of this year. Melissa and I felt now would be the perfect time to give our girls a higher education. Once we sat the girls down and talked to them about it, they didn't hesitate. They were on board. Let me disclaim we have nothing against public school. We both went to public school. We want to offer our children an eduction that goes beyond the school books. We want our kids to live the history books, not just read them. Give them real world experiences outside of the classroom.

SideNote: Something the kids have really been enjoying is Audible for listening to books.

Reason Number 5: Out With the Same Old Same Old

We're tired of the same old things day in day out. The Groundhog's Day feel. We want to have uncertainty. We want to sit down each month and figure out where we're going to be the next month. What sites we'll see, what will we teach our kids, where will we stay. Living life as a team and growing together.

This blog post was meant to inspire and provoke thought. We're not saying anything is wrong with the typical lifestyle, we're just saying it's not for us.

- The Tech, proofread and perfected by the Hippie