5th Wheel Renovation - Part 1

We wanted to take a $15,000 rig and turn it into a home.

Part 1 The Why

We were living in a class A for a couple years and it was awesome. Lately it started feeling a little cramped, especially during covid. The kids were getting bigger and we just needed more space. They were currently living in the bunks in our hallway so they didn't have there own space.

We looked at getting a 5th wheel but couldn't find anything we could afford. The tough part was what would be do with the class A and the Jeep? We had notes on both so I was feeling a little stuck. How could we get out of the bad decision we made 2.5 years earlier...and then buy a big truck and a 5th wheel.

We found some ok 5th wheels on facebook so we took all we had left and invested in a very used RV and figured we'd see if we could fix all of the major issues and see what happens.

The Take Away:

1. It's soooo important to make sure you're getting into the right RV for your family!

2. Make sure you're in love with the floorplan

3. Make sure the floorplan works today and later on in life

4. Try not to get into debt on an RV. They are very hard to get out of.

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