Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Meet Melissa and Tony

We were the typical family trading time for money....well, that’s until now....

Us in a paragraph....

We were two alphas living separate lives under the same roof...at least that’s how it was when Tony was actually home. Tony travels a lot for work leaving Melissa with the bulk of the responsibilities at home. In efforts to bring our family together we sold all of our stuff, including our house, and moved into a 33’ class A RV full-time! Tony still has his crazy travel schedule, but now we all go!

Even more.....

Melissa “the hippie" is an awesome Mom, photographer, Blogger, Vegan cook who makes amazing food. You’ll find some of her recipes on our blog. She loves to live, enjoys open windows and indie music first thing in the morning with a cup of tea.

Tony “the Tech” is a Father, recovering musician, ex business owner who struggles with sitting still. He’s the Director of Commercial Audio at PreSonus Audio Electronics. He absolutely loves his job working with sound and music so this on the road lifestyle works for him.

We were working around the clock "keeping up with the Jones". We thought that’s what it meant to have a “good living”. It was good for our finances and those making a percentage off of everything we had financed. The downside of looking like we had everything together? We found ourselves in this never-ending rat race where all of our precious time was spent trying to make for a better future we'll never get to live.

The kids were growing up and we were missing out. Tony was gone so much it was just routine to assume he wasn’t going to be “in town” for whatever event was happening. Melissa was caught in the never ending cycle of carpool, laundry, cleaning, and errands and all the time consuming things in between.

Now we’re focusing on what we love first, true honest togetherness as a family, making experiences out of every place we go and doing it as a family.

We’re not waiting until 65 to retire...we’re going to live now.

We hope our story inspires you to enjoy life to the fullest.

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