Cathedral Rock @ Sedona

Cathedral Rock is a famous landmark on the Sedona skyline, and after hiking to the top...we could see why!

Make sure you bring a backpack with sunscreen, and water...lot's of water. Also, make sure you're wearing trail shoes with good grip.

We checked in at the local Resort and went straight to the tour guide kiosk and ask where the top trails were. We wanted to hit a trail that could be completed in a day and have some spectacular views. We were told Cathedral Rock was a must!

Parking was only about a mile from the resort but very limited. We had to drive around a few times to wait for people to leave so we could get a spot....that was a non issue because we forgot water and had to run up to the local 7/11...oops

When we got back we found a spot, paid for parking and embarked on our journey. The trail started out very flat and easy...I was skeptical about it being a "challenge" but looking ahead I saw where things could take a turn towards a work out.

The trails were marked well but you could easily find yourself questioning if you were in the right place or not. We found it was best to just keep walking and look for the next pile of rocks. As seen in the picture above, a pile of rocks was a marker.

I was concerned to see a bunch of younger kids going up the hill as I felt this should be a 18+ type trail....but that's just me. I'm a worry wort. There are some areas where you could easily walk off the cliff to your death and for those reasons, I would say kids under 10 would make me nervous.

The views are amazing. When you get to the top and see END TRAIL, you're just as tired as you are amazed with the landscapes of Sedona. The weather is normally beautiful so when you mix that with the view you have the most relaxing atmosphere.

We sat up there for about an hour just breathing. Sometimes you just have to sit and appreciate the view.

You would think the trek down would be easier than up...but what we started to notice is our legs started to give out. It was like our legs were made of jello. It made navigating the steep terrain a little scary but there are quite a few flat break areas where you can rest.

If you find yourself in Sedona check out Cathedral Rock

Until the next adventure....Tony