Cedar Creek Campground - A few Lessons Learned

Up until Cedar Creek, we pretty much stuck to the well known commercial campsites spending $50 - $75 per night on average. At first I was a little concerned how we were going to sustain this full time lifestyle paying this much for sites.

We happen to be looking for campsites in Nashville when I stumbled upon this site called recreation.gov. There were many different types of campsites on federal land, and government parks that allow RV camping. All of a sudden we found the jackpot of campsites that were anywhere from $11 to $28 per night! As amazed as we were, we didnt know what to expect heading into an "Army Corps of Engineers"campground. Sounds a bit military if you ask me.

What we found at Cedar Creek was everything we were looking for, less the sewer hook up. The site was oversized with a huge "backyard". A swimming area with beach sand, large up to date park with a big playground, all for $25 per night. This was probably the best looking spot we've camped at to date. Check out the drone footage in the video below.

You can find Cedar Creek Here. Site 50 is very close to the dump station so we we were pretty happy about that. All we needed to do was pull out and back into the station.

Side Note / Gear Tip

It did however get me intrested in getting one of these Portable dump tanks for the future. We wouldn't have to pull the slides in and pack up just to dump our tanks. That was a real pain in the butt, especially when we were leaving the next day.


There's so much to do there! Sailing, swimming, fishing, volleyball....not what you'd expect from a Core of Engineers site. Lot's of trees kept the sites private and cool during the summer. The sites were also well maintained.


Laundry facilities and hot showers are available, but we couldent find the laundry room and the showers were hot. I mean, the rooms had no AC and were like sunas. Great for cold showers and sweating but not very good if you wanted to escape the confines of your camper shower and sit in the warm water for 20 min. You'd probably die from heat exhaustion.

We will be back for more...

Thanks for following our Journey!

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