My First Vegan Restaurant...(Living With Vegan)

Updated: Apr 7, 2018

- The Tech

I'd have to admit, when Melissa decided to go vegan I had some concerns...More about her turning into someone who would shame me every time I ate something with a face....But it's not anything like that at all. In fact, I've found myself eating less and less meat because of how healthy her meals have been.

Now when it comes to eating out it's hard for Mel to find a good place to eat where she can order more than just a side of fries or a potato.

Many restaurants who claim to be "vegan friendly" need to evaluate their menu and realize patrons are not looking to get dressed up and drive 20 mins to order off the appetizer menu. I always feel bad when we go somewhere and there's nothing substantial available.

Well, when we visited Phoenix AZ we found this place called Green Vegetarian. and holy broccoli shoots...I was impressed!!!

The lady behind the counter spent a lot of time explaining the menu and helped us find what we didn't know we were even looking for. We don't have many restaurants like this where we're from so it was nice to have a guide.

As a starter we ordered the "buffalo wings"....I could probably have had about 30. I could not believe how good they were AND kinda tasted like chicken! I think they were made with mushrooms and other miracle ingredients....regardless, they were good and healthy.

We followed them up with a couple Big WAC burgers which took no back seat to the wings. The special sauce was so good I had to keep asking for more. Can you call it a double patty? I don't know...but man, it put any veggie burger I've had prior to shame.

The environment was very "hip". I'm 40 now so I've lost the right to say whats cool or not but It's pretty cool. They had a wide variety of nutritional drinks as well as fountain drinks and beer. My wife and I found a new favorite place 2000 miles from home. We can't wait to make it back. If you're ever in Phoenix, look up Green Vegetarian

2022 N 7th St Phoenix, AZ 85004 Tel: (602) 258-1870