My Top 10 Travel Apps I Love (and actually use!)

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Let’s face it, there are hundreds of travel apps out there and they all do something different.

I know from experience of downloading and deleting how many are out there. And which ones are actually relevant, fun, or useful for myself. Here I compiled a list of my personal favorite travel apps, the ones I use most often with life on the road. Let's jump right in:

1. Allstays Probably in the top 5 for many full time travelers. What I like about Allstays is the ability to filter specific requirements or needs you’re looking for like overnight, boondock locations at Cracker Barrel, or independent and public campgrounds to public land spots. They even have low clearance tags on certain roads, which is good if you don’t use a RV GPS or stay on the highways (which are mandatory semi truck bridge clearances.) Allstays $9.99/one time

2. Offbeat Attractions If you’re like me, you love a good roadside attraction or oddity. Underground Salt Museum, UFO crash sites, and pretty much everything in between. This is a really fun app if your into off beat museums and interesting photo ops, which I personally am!

Offbeat Attractions $0.99 / one time

3. REI Co-Op National Parks Great for a national park enthusiast. This app tells you national parks within your area and all national parks in general, as well as trails near you. Side note: if you’re a traveling family, National Parks offer Junior Ranger programs where your little one can become a Jr. Ranger and receive a badge. My kids love it! REI Co-Op National Park Free app

The remaining apps that made the cut are not necessarily for travel, but have come in handy regularly...

4. Kindle Not only do I use Kindle for roadschooling, but I do read the occasional book or too. I wish I was more of a reader than I am, but that's for another day. What I like about the Kindle app is the new Kindle Unlimited. For $9.95/ month you can “rent” books unlimited. No need to always buy books and read a couple times then have them holding up storage on my devices. If you’re a roadschooler like us, this works because we are always learning different topics and I can swap out books as needed for our different unit studies. So what’s the catch? You can borrow up to 10 books at a time. Once you hit your mark, you have to return on of the books from your library. This doesn’t affect books you buy on Kindle. Those are yours forever. Kindle App Free App / Kindle Unlimited $9.95/mo

5. Spotify I personally love Spotify. I also cannot be without tunes when we’re on the road! I’m that passenger. I know not everyone is a fan of Spotify (my husband). Call it the hipster in me, but I love the unlimited listenability. Anytime I want to listen to anything, it’s readily available! The only hiccup I’ve found with this is Garth Brooks doesn’t have a is not on there. Because c’mon, who doesn’t love Garth? Spotify $9.99/mo

6. Amazon Prime Like most everyone in the world, I love Amazon. It’s especially good while on the road. When we first ventured out I was worried about how I would get packages, but with the Amazon Locker locations, its pretty easy to get your packages delivered to safe secure locations like Whole Foods. Also if you’re staying at a campground, they’re usually good about letting you get deliveries to the front office, you just have to ask. Our only problem is being somewhere long enough to get them, even with Prime's two-day shipping! Amazon Prime $119/yr

7. TouchNote

I found this app while on the road and I fell in love with it! Touchnote is a postcard mailing service that allows you to turn photos into cards and mail them to whoever nationally and internationally, from your phone. I love it because its easy to use and its right there at my fingertips to keep in touch with family and friends for holidays and everyday. It's inexpensive, at around $2 total and includes tracking features as well so you know when your card is being sent out. Touchnote Free App / average $2 per card

8. Netflix / Hulu This is probably where my lack of book reading comes in but Hulu and Netflix the best options in our traveling home. Before we went mobile, I never had cable for years. I’ve only ever had subscription streaming video services. With my phone, I can watch shows and movies just about anywhere. And with Netflix’s instant download feature, it lets you download movies or tv to watch without wifi, it’s great for travel days with kids. Netflix / Hulu $15 | $8/mo

9. The Weather Channel I know all phones now a days have their own built in weather apps, but I really love The Weather Channel app! I am able to check the weather we are traveling to weeks in advance, which is great for a weather freak like myself. Also I can set alerts for severe weather like heavy rains, snow, or natural disasters sent right to my phone. When you travel and the news channels are not easily accessible, this is a must in my book.

The Weather Channel Free App

10. Instagram Lastly, Instagram. Before we started on the road, IG was a fun little app to have. Now that we travel, it’s turned into a scrapbook of all the places we’ve been. I love going back and looking at all the places we’ve been to. With features like Instastories and Highlights, I can save special videos we’ve made right to my page. Not to mention all the amazing people I’ve met on there who travel as well. If you're on Instagram and curious about more of what we do, give us a follow @thehippieandthetech

Instagram Free App

Well, there's my list of Top 10 Travel Apps for life on the road!

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