Our first two months on the road

It’s been two months since we started our Journey and already I’m surprised by the amount of things we’ve been able to do as a family...

For those of you who don’t know, We went all in! We removed the safety net of our bricks and sticks home and even sold all of the things needed to take care of a house. No lawn mower, snow blower, tools, furniture….nothing. See: 5 reasons we sold our house to live full-time. Even if we wanted to go back, we couldn’t. The only stuff we kept was the kids irreplaceable arts & crafts sitting in a 5’ x 5’ storage unit in Mentor Ohio.

I changed my address to a mail forwarding service in Florida and Melissa

changed her address to a PO box in Mentor. It felt like everything was up in the air at first. I liked having order and living on the road is anything but order. Each campsite is a new setup and tear down, new lay of the land, some having more utilities than others. Each city has different homeschooling opportunities for the kids so Mel is constantly working on homeschooling prep. It can still be a lot of work.

I do get to feel some sense of order with all of the advanced planning needed to work and live on the road. A lot goes into making sure you have campsites months in advance. It’s no simple task as much as we move around.

In two months we’ve visited 9 states, excursions to COSI, Mammoth Cave, Bainbridge Zoo, the birthplace of Elvis, Muscle Shoals Studios, Nashville Parathion, not to mention different national forests and local sites.

We’ve done more as a family in two months than we have since Melissa and I married. Is it stressful sometimes? Uh yea....but I think that’s easily overcome when you take a deep breath and realize we’re making our own schedule, we’re deciding what we’re doing and what the kids are learning. How great is it that our life is now an adventure.

For example, As I write this blog we're in Baton Rouge. I know by November we’ll have traveled to Kansas, St Louis, Indiana, Mt Rushmore, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Dallas, and Albuquerque….after that...Maybe AZ, maybe we go to Durango CO. Just depends on where I'm needed for work.

Everywhere we go I’m asked, “how's the RV life” with a smile. Honestly I can’t wait for the question. The answer is always the same. “It’s awesome!”. It’s hard to put into words what it’s like to experience this beautiful Country city by city. So many different things to do and places to see, it’s never ending. So far, every stop we’ve said “we have to go back and check out this and that”. Even if it's just a small city, there’s so many little local secrets to explore! So we take in what we can in the time we're in town and leave the rest for when we come back. Living life one mile at a time.


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