We're Selling our home....

Updated: Mar 29, 2018

We found the perfect family house a couple years ago. It sits on over a half acre of land in the middle of a small town in Ohio. The perfect mix of country and city. We love country, but we like to be 5 min from Starbucks too.

Built in 1935, this colonial home offered way more space than needed. 2700 sq ft. We really only need about 150. We did some remodeling like changing the downstairs bathroom from 1950's throw up style tile to a more modern look.

and changed the kitchen from 1960s Jet-Age Funkadelic to home made minimalist...I don't know what you'd call it...It's all homemade stained wood. But we loved it.

The beauty of home ownership is the ability to make changes and see your visions come to life. Unfortunately, many of those visions are expensive. For example the new roof...not exactly a vision, but a necessity. Another fun fact...Asbestos is a big issue with older homes, and yes....we have a ton of it. A few thousand dollars later and we had it professionally removed and new insulation installed.

When the snow fell for the first time we realized just how beautiful our slice of heaven was. It's been a great home but now its time for our next chapter. We're less than one week away from our first home together going up on the market for sale. We'll miss it but we're excited about the future.